Mt Hood NF: Zig Zag Ranger District

Extensive wilderness area limits biking in the Zig Zag Ranger District, but Sandy Ridge is certainly worth checking out.

View of Sandy Ridge trail

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National Forest
Ranger District
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Tilly Jane 643 Loop Intense 5 2 OR Mt Hood Hood Rvr 15% 100 3900 1850 5 8 5 Topo, Guide
Pioneer Bridal 795 OAB Intense 22.5 4 OR Mt Hood Zig Zag 6% 100 1700 4000 5 6 6 Topo, Guide, Video
Sandy Ridge Nbr Loop Moderate 10 2 OR Mt Hood Zig Zag 8% 80 1100 2100 6 5 7 Topo, Guide, Video
Larch Mt. 441 Loop Moderate 6.5 2 OR Mt Hood Zig Zag 9% 100 3000 1600 4 6 5 Topo, Guide
Timberline Glade 661 Loop Moderate 7.5 1.5 OR Mt Hood Zig Zag 7% 40 4000 1800 4 5 5 Topo, Guide
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  • Flow: Uninterrupted riding
  • Elevation Change: Total elevation gain
  • Ride Difficulty: Terrain challenge




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