Mount Washington Wilderness Hiking Topo Map

Advance reservations of Limited Entry Area permits for the very popular Obsidian Limited Entry Area are ONLY available through the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) at or by calling 1-877-444-6777. Season starts May 1st.

Scott Tr3531 passes through moderately forested areas, over lava flows and alpine meadows, to Pacific Crest Tr2000-E.

Robinson Lake Tr3508 provides the western boundary of the popular Scott Mountain hiking system, passing through moderately forested, sub-alpine ecosystem, accessing Kuitan and Robinson Lakes.

Hand Lake Tr3513 and Benson Lake Tr3502 enable a variety of day hiking loops, with Scotty Way Tr4345 providing access to the Scott Mountain summit.

In the Three Sisters Wilderness Area, North Matthieu Lake Tr4062 is a segment of the Oregon Skyline Trail, replaced by the Pacific Crest Trail. Avaliable at the trailhead, Wilderness Permits are required for both day-use and overnight travel in the Wilderness from Memorial Day Weekend until Oct 31.

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Mount Washington Wilderness Area Topo Map