Alpine Trail 3450, Gold Point Trail 3468 and North Fork Trail 3666 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From the FR5821 Alpine North Fork THView of the Alpine North Fork TH
View of the Alpine North Fork TH
, go up the gravel road and under the railroad tracks, to North Fork Tr3666 and ride to FR1910.

2.8mi: Go left onto FR1910 and climb 8mi to Alpine Tr3450 at Windy Pass.

8.1mi: Bear right at the FR683 intersection.

10.7mi: Go left onto Alpine Tr3450.

12.1mi: Tire Mountain Tr3485 intersection.

13.6mi: Cross FR683 and go by Buckhead Shelter on your left.

15.6mi: Trail parallels then crosses FR5828.

17.9mi: Partway down the steep descent to FR5821, go sharply back to the left on the connector trail, which leads back to North Fork Tr3666, then back to the TH.

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Alpine Trail 3450, Gold Point Trail 3468, North Fork Trail 3666 Area Topo Map