Skookum Flats Trail 1194 and White River Trail 1199 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes Buck Creek Trail 1169, Dalles River Trail 1204A, Skookum Flats Trail 1194, White River Trail 1199 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: Ride across the paved White River bridge, then go right onto Dalles River Tr1204A. Ride to the Dalles CG and go the entrance, then cross SR410, onto FR7150. Ride until FR7150 merges with SR410, then go left and ride to the Palisades Tr1198 TH.

2.6mi: From SR410, go left onto Palisades Tr1198 and ride .1mi to White River Cutoff Tr1199.01, which leads to White Rvr Tr1199.

3.9mi: Go past the Buck Cr Tr1169/Snoquera Falls Tr1167 intersection, making some attempt not to run over any day hikers. The trail turns to doubletrack near Camp Shepard, with a detour trail (look for the 'Trail' sign), which wanders above Camp Shepard. Pass the Moss Lake Nature Trail.

5.1mi: Go left at intersection, to SR410. Go left, then take FR7160 on the south side of SR410. If you make it to Ranger Cr Tr1197, then either you have gone too far on White Rvr Tr1199, or maybe are wanting to do some other ride...

5.3mi: Go right onto Skookum Flats Tr1194. The trail forks several times prior to crossing the Doe Creek wooden bridge. Go left at the first fork, then right at the second fork.

6.5mi: After some cliff exposure, a view of the Palisades Cliffs, and the Buck Creek bridge crossing, go past the Buck Cr Tr1169 intersection, then go over some more bridges and short climbs before the trail levels off. The remaining section includes some technical, rooty singletrack which may challenge those who are more accustomed to the usually buff pumice trails found in the Cascades.

8.5mi: Skookum Falls creek crossing, followed by some wooden bridges and easy terrain back to the TH.

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