Pyramid Peak Trail 941, Quartz Creek Trail 949 and Quartz Mountain Trail 948 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Manastash Ridge Trail 1388, Pyramid Peak Trail 941, Quartz Creek Trail 949, Quartz Mountain Trail 948 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: Ride Pyramid Peak Tr941 from the north side of the Kaner Flat campground, cross FR1903 and Quartz Creek at .6mi, then pass the Quartz Creek Tr949 intersection on the right at .7mi.

1mi: At the FR740 Quartz Mountain Tr948 TH, go left on Pyramid Peak Tr941 (riding just above FR740 along the ridge) rather than attempt to start the ascent from this TH. Go right onto FR1904 and switchback the second Quartz Mountain Tr948 intersection.

4.2mi: Go right onto Quartz Mountain Tr948 and hike-a-bike .5mi up to the ridgeline, the steepest section of the ride. Briefly merge with a road at 5mi, as the trail descends from the ridgeline traverse, then ascends to the next knoll. Ride around a knoll at 6.6mi then climb to the next ridgeline at 7.5mi. Pass Dry Meadow on the right at 8.2mi, as the ascent moderates.

9.1mi: Go right onto Manastash Ridge Tr1388 and gradually ascend to FR3100 and the Quartz Mountain ride summit at 10.2mi. Go right onto FR3100, then go right onto FR306 at the end of the loop, then descend along the ridgeline on FR306 to the Quartz Creek Tr949 TH, passing the Hereford Meadows Tr1207 intersection on the left at 10.6mi.

12.9mi: Pass the Wells Meadows FR328 intersection at 12.8mi, then go right onto Quartz Creek Tr949. Traverse to a 13.4mi ridge, then switchback at 14mi and descend steeply to the FR1917 intersection at 15.2mi. Cross a plateau then descend some tight switchbacks at 16.7mi, to FR1901. Ride alongside a ridge then begin the final descent at 17.7mi, crossing Quartz Creek at 19.1mi. The trail intersects with FR740 then traverses back to the creek.

20.3mi: Go left onto Pyramid Peak Tr941 and ride back to the TH.

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Manastash Ridge Trail 1388, Pyramid Peak Trail 941, Quartz Creek Trail 949, Quartz Mountain Trail 948 Area Topo Map