Chiwawa Trail 1548, Minnow Ridge Trail 1524 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: Paralleling FR6100, after a brief climb from the TH, the ride descends to Goose Creek and the Goose Creek campground at 1.6mi. Cross FR6208 at 2.5mi, then cross Alder Creek.

5.2mi: Cross Twin Creek and pass the Alder Ridge Tr1523 intersection on the right. Many small doubletrack road crossings in this area.

6.5mi: After climbing 500' from the Alder Ridge Tr1523 TH, reach the ride summit, then cross Grouse Creek at 6.8mi and Gate Creek at 7.8mi.

8.5mi: Reach the Chikamin Creek Orv Tr1534 intersection and either return to the TH or continue up Minnow Ridge Orv Tr1524.

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Chiwawa Trail 1548, Minnow Ridge Trail 1524 Area Topo Map