Chikamin Creek Trail 1534 and Minnow Ridge Trail 1524 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Alder Ridge Trail 1523, Chikamin Creek Trail 1534, Chiwawa Trail 1548, Mad River Trail 1409, Minnow Ridge Trail 1524 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: From the FR6209 Alder Ridge Tr1523 TH, climb Lower Chiwawa ORV Tr1548 to Minnow Ridge Tr1524.

3.4mi: Pass the Chikamin Creek Orv Tr1534 intersection on the right, cross Chikamin Creek, then go right onto Minnow Ridge Tr1524. The first 1.1mi are the steepest, gaining 700', with more moderate terrain after 1.9mi.

4.7mi: After crossing Chikamin Creek, pass the Chikamin Creek Orv Tr1534 intersection on the right and go left to tackle the 12%, 5.3mi Lower Chiwawa ORV Tr1548 ascent to the Chikamin Ridge summit.

13.7mi: Go right onto Mad River Orv Tr1409.1 and then go right onto Pond Camp Tr1409.2, with a twisty ascent reaching the summit at 16mi, followed by a switchback descent to Mad River Orv Tr1409.1.

17.8mi: Go right onto Mad River Tr1409.1 and ride past Marble Meadow and Mad Meadow to Alder Ridge Tr1523.

19.6mi: Go right onto Alder Ridge Tr1523 and climb through switchbacks for 2mi to a ridge crest, then begin the steep descent to the TH. The switchbacks get serious at 23.3mi, the steepest section of this trail.

25.4mi: Blaze past FR6104 on the left, as the descent eases up some. Pass a spur trail on the left at 27.4mi, and cross FR6208 at 27.9mi.

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