Bottle Prairie Trail 455, Eightmile Creek Trail 459, Knebal Springs Trail 474 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Knebal Springs CCW Loop

TH: Ride from the TH nearest to the day-use parking area for several hundred feet, then go right onto the lower section of Knebal Springs Tr474, with the trail paralleling FR1720 for 2.3mi. No need to ride FR1720 and climb 1.1mi on FR1720 to the Knebal Springs Tr474 TH.

1.3mi: Ascend Knebal Springs Tr474 if you can. Aggressive, technical riders should have no problem clearing this climb but many others are going to hike-a-bike some of this section. Cross FR121, then FR123, then go right at the FR125 T intersection and find the trail again on the uphill side of FR125.

2.9mi: After rejoining the trail from FR125, wind through the woods and the climbing gets much easier. Really nice hilltop meadow riding, reaching the ride summit at 3.1mi.

3.6mi: Descend through some tight switchback, which is just itching to toss fast riders off the trail.

4.1mi: Go left at FR230 and climb it to the end, then find Bottle Prairie Tr455, or continue straight down to the Bottle Prairie CG for the Eightmile Tr459 Loop.

4.8mi: Go left at the Bottle Prairie Tr455 fork. A little bit of moderate climbing then the 2.6mi corkscrewing downhill begins. Watch the trail carefully: treefall, sinkholes, roots, bears, cougars...

7.5mi: Intersection with Knebal Springs Tr474, then ascend to FR140.

8.1mi: Go left (west) on FR140 for 50' or so, then rejoin Knebal Springs Tr474 on the north side of the road.

8.6mi: Go through several steep ravines on Knebal Springs Tr474, crossing two creeks, then descend to Knebal Springs CG.

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Bottle Prairie Trail 455, Eightmile Creek Trail 459, Knebal Springs Trail 474 Area Topo Map