Cedar Creek Trail 457, Fifteenmile Trail 456 and Underhill Trail 683 Loop Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Underhill, Fifteenmile, Cedar Creek CCW Loop

From the upper TH: Ride out of the campground on Fifteenmile Tr456, to the Cedar Creek Tr457 intersection, then go right over the log bridge. Ride Cedar Creek Tr457 over undulating terrain to the gravel road.

3.7mi: Cross the road. After a mile the trail becomes steep and loose, all the way to the Fifteenmile Tr456 intersection.

5.2mi: Turn left at the T intersection and ascend Fifteenmile Tr456, with a very steep climb/hike-a-bike in the last 2 miles. Fifteenmile continues for 3 more miles past the intersection.

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Cedar Creek Trail 457, Fifteenmile Trail 456, Underhill Trail 683 Area Topo Map