Boundary Trail 1 and Strawberry Mountain Trail 220 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: Start from either the Ryan Lake campground or from the Goat Mt Tr217 TH, riding downhill to Green River Tr213. Go left and cross FR26 then ascent the side of Strawberry Mountain.

3.7mi: Go left onto Strawberry Mt Tr220 and climb to the summit. Note: The ride can be extended by riding south, with about 2.5mi of undulating ridgeline terrain before Strawberry Mt Tr220 descends to Boundary Tr1.

5.4mi: Reach the summit, after which the trail drops down the ridge and into the woods.

6.6mi: Turn around point, beyond which the trail descends sharply to the northern TH.

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Boundary Trail 1, Strawberry Mountain Trail 220 Area Topo Map