Monte Carlo Trail 52, Monte Cristo Trail 53 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: The first 2mi are the toughest, ascending 1800' to the upper Buck Creek TH and Middle Fork CG.

2.6mi: Pass the Middle Fork CG and ascend to the Monte Carlo summit.

4.4mi: At the Monte Carlo Mountain summit, pass the second Buck Cr intersection, ride along a ridge, then enjoy the steep descent to Monte Cristo Tr53.

5.9mi: Go right onto Monte Cristo Tr53 and climb 1000' to the top of Monte Cristo Mt, then ride along the Monte Cristo range to FR080.

8.9mi: Reach FR080 and ride Monte Cristo to the lower TH, passing the Monte Carlo Tr52 intersection then descending another 1000' to FR1800.

12.8mi: Reach the lower Monte Cristo TH at FR1800 and ride back to the Monte Carlo TH.

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Monte Carlo Trail 52, Monte Cristo Trail 53 Area Topo Map