Deep Creek Trail 1196, Palisades Trail 1198 and Ranger Creek Trail 1197 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: If starting from FR7174, grind 5mi up FR7174 to Corral Pass in a steady climb.

4.8mi: Prior to reaching the Coral Pass campground, go left onto Noble Knob Tr1184. Go right at the T and ride on to Mutton Mountain, then pass the Deep Cr Tr1196 intersection at 7mi.

8.1mi: Go left at the intersection with Dalles Ridge Tr1173, or continue .5mi to the Noble Knob summit. This is the highest elevation of the ride (5950') and Noble Knob Tr1184 defines the edge of the Norse Peak wilderness so do not take any trails to the right. Dalles Ridge Tr1173 covers rough, uneven ridgeline terrain.

9.2mi: Go left onto Ranger Cr Tr1197 and navigate steep switchbacks to the intersection with Palisades Tr1198 (at 10.3mi), just past the log shelter. Go around the log shelter and then go left at the fork.

10.4mi: The ride starts with steep switchbacks and a cambered trail surface which many riders will choose to hike. Go left at the fork (12.6mi), then continue on more gradual switchbacks.

14.4mi: After navigating some swooping switchbacks near the bottom of the Ranger Creek drainage, reach White River Tr1199 and go left if parked at FR7174.

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