Mountainbike Video Camera mount options

RAM Mount offers a variety of connectors, clamps and extensions, well suited for a MTB camera mount. The rubberized balls prevent movement and help absorb vibration.

The Roll Bar Strap mount is a good choice for the main downtube support (and is sufficient for the relatively lightweight Contour and GoPro cameras). The combination of water bottle socket mounting and strap prevents any movement of the mount.

View of Sony CX-560, Giottos Quick Disconnect and RAM Mount

RAM offers some composite materials but most of the hardware is metal, so the set up shown will add a pound or two.

Full-sized video cameras offer superior quality lens and recording, but the extra weight requires a stabilizer bar. The Kayalu Toughbar can be used for both the upper and lower extension.

Kayalu Gear Toughbar® 8.5'' extension arm for RAM Mounts Kayalu Gear Toughbar® 8.5'' extension arm for RAM Mounts

Any quick disconnect camera mount will work but the Giottos does the job nicely. It includes four mounting holes, which fit the RAM mounting plate (with minor filing of the mounting plate holes), attached with #10 screws and nylon nuts.

The Giottos mount also includes a side thread (standard camera 1/4"-20 thread), and RAM has a 1" ball with standard camera threading. This connects to the upper stabilizer bar, creating a very solid mount. The upper stabilizer bar, as shown, does not interfere with the video image.

Both the downtube and upper tube mounting included a piece of inner tube wrapping, to prevent scratches.

View of the Giottos MH621 quick release adaptor.

Most of the U-bolt mounts are for 1-1/4" tubes, too small for many free ride and full suspension bikes, so use the roll bar mount on the upper tube as well as on the downtube.

An alternative to the set up described is to mount the camera on the body, handlebar or fork, but the viewer perspective seems improved by capturing a bit of the front tire, which gives a sense of speed, terrain and field depth.


Some GPS and Camera mount hardware. RAM products have held up over time, under intense riding conditions. GoPro has some quality mounting accessories for their cameras.