Moon Point Trail 3688 and Youngs Rock Trail 3685 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: If starting from Campers Flat campground, ride north on FR21 2.7mi to FR2129, go right onto FR2129 then begin the long grind to the top.

10.6mi: Go right at the T intersection, onto FR439.

12.2mi: Go right onto Moon Point Tr3688, then go right at 12.9mi to ride out to the point and back.

13.5mi: After returning from Moon Point, go right onto Youngs Rock Tr3685. Descend through some steep, but rideable switchbacks, then pass the south side of Youngs Rock at 14.8mi, past some talus rockfall. Switchback along the steep ridgeline to 17.2mi, then descend to Campers Flat campground.

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Moon Point Trail 3688, Youngs Rock Trail 3685 Area Topo Map