South Waldo Lake Tr3586

3D view of the South Waldo Lake Trail #3586

Overall: 8

Aerobic: 7

Technical: 6

Steepness: 7

Flow: 6

Singletrack: 100%

South of Mount Ray, South Waldo Lake Tr3586 is open to mountain biking, with several good ride options.




Avg: 15mi



Elevation Change

Avg Ascent:3500'

Ascent Incline



Avg: 4hr






View of Maiden Lake and the Maiden Peak Summit

East of Gold Lake, the north slope of Maiden Peak covers some epic terrain.

The Waldo Lake page covers the lake area.

To the west, Bunchgrass Rdg Tr3559 (part of the Eugene to Crest Trail system) is a great ridgeline ride, which connects to Fuji Mt Tr3674 using FR5883.

Some riders have used this route to create a too-epic 33.7mi (6600' ascent) Waldo to Oakridge shuttle ride.

The Fuji Mt Tr3674 to Mount Ray Tr2682 loop is a popular South Waldo loop, using the non-wilderness portion of South Waldo Tr3586 as a connector, and Gold Lake Tr3677 to return to the TH.

Forgoing the 2.2mi, 1300' South Waldo Tr3586 to Fuji Mountain summit ascent makes this a much more moderate 11mi (2000' ascent) ride.

Maiden Peak Epic

Similar to the Charlton to Lemish loop, this is an epic 31mi, ~7hr tour of lakes. To get most of the ascent out of the way at the beginning of the ride, the best route is CW from the Maiden Lake TH. The FR400 Moore Creek TH could also be used, or just start from Gold Lake CG and be ready for a mid-ride ascent to Maiden Lake.

An alternative to the excessively steep Maiden Peak Tr3681 grind is to ride Douglas Horse Pasture Tr4382 to the Pacific Crest Tr2000, then hike-a-bike .4mi (downhill) around North Rosary Lake to Maiden Lake Tr41.

Note: As of 2014, Metolius Windigo is impassible as it approaches Davis Lake, due to treefall. The forest roads shown are the fastest route back to the Maiden Lake TH.

TH: Ascend Maiden Lake Tr41 through old noble fir/mountain hemlock open forest, with some benched lava terrain. The ascent becomes more challening as the trail approaches the Maiden Peak intersection.

2.5mi: Bear left at the Maiden Peak intersection and descend to Maiden Lake. Note: Maiden Peak Tr3681 is hike-a-bike to the summit and then down to the Maiden Lake Tr41 intersection, more suitable as a hiking trail.

5.6mi: Go right onto the PCT Tr2000-E, over to the Skyline intersection. Bear left at the 4-way Skyline (Douglas Horse Pasture) intersection, as the PCT continues northward.

6mi: Moderate ascent for .5mi, then descend past the ski slope and on to the Maiden Peak Tr3681 intersection.

8.5mi: Go left at the Maiden Peak Tr3681 intersection and continue the rapid descent to the Gold Lake CG.

10.4mi: Go right onto FR500 and ride through the CG to Gold Lake Tr3677, then grind through the steady ascent to Bobby Lake Tr3663.

14.6mi: Go right onto Bobby Lake Tr3663 and enjoy a moderate descent to the PCT at 16.3mi. Go left (north) briefly, to Moore Creek Tr3840 then descend to Bobby Lake, Poverty Meadows and on to the Metolius-Windigo Tr99 South intersection.

21.3mi: Bear right onto Metolius-Windigo Tr99 and ride 1 mile to the 4 way intersection at the ridge (Metolius-Windigo Tr99 continues for another half of a mile before being obscured by an impassible forest of downed trees). Go right at the 4-way intersection, down to a small creek and up the hile to FR160. Go left and continue to FR4662, then go right for a mile to FR4664. Go left for 3 miles to the Maiden Lake TH road and back to the parking area.

Directions: See Map. NW Forest Pass required right at the TH. View Larger Map. No Map?.

View of Bobby Lake Fuji Mountain, Mount Ray, Gold Lake, Maiden Peak, South Waldo Trail #3586 Topo Map Moore Creek Trail

Fuji-Ray Loop

South Waldo Area Topo Map

  • TH: From the Gold Lake campground or the Fuji Mt TH, ascend steeply for 1.7mi, then more gradually, passing Birthday Lake, Verde Lake and some smaller lakes, to the 3.8mi South Waldo Tr3586 intersection. The summit ascent starts with a climb to the base, then a steep, 1mi (16%) switchback ascent to the peak.
  • 6mi: Descend from the summit, then go left onto South Waldo Tr3586 at 8.2mi. Traversing relatively flat, benched terrain, pass Upper and Lower Island Lake, then descend to Mount Ray Tr2682.
  • 10.4mi: Go right onto Mount Ray Tr2682 and continue the descent, past Pothole Meadow then riding alongside Ray Creek. Cross FR5897 at 12.6mi, with a final descent to Gold Lake Tr3677.
  • 13.1mi: Go right onto Gold Lake Tr3677 and gradually descend alongside Gold Lake Bog, then Gold Lake, to the TH. Gold Lake Trailhead



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Trail Rankings

Ranking consistently applied to all of the listed trails.

  • Overall Rating: Ride quality and challenge
  • Aerobic: Ascent challenge
  • Technical Difficulty: Terrain challenge
  • Steepness: Average incline
  • Flow: Uninterrupted riding
  • Elevation Change: Total elevation gain
  • Ride Difficulty: Terrain challenge






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