McKenzie River Trail 3507 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

McKenzie River: Paradise Campground to Trailbridge Reservoir OAB

TH: Ride alongside McKenzie River, past the Ranger Station and Paradise Campground (2.2mi). Pass spur Tr3541 at 3.7mi, then cross FR340 at 4.5mi and FR560 at 5.4mi.

6.15mi: After riding alongside SR126 for .1mi, cross the river, then reach FR2650 at 7.4mi and ride north for .3mi, then go right onto the singletrack again.

9.5mi: After crossing FR2654, use footbridge to cross Deer Creek.

12.6mi: Reach the southern end of Trail Bridge Reservoir. Continue riding north or turn around and go back to the Paradise TH.

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McKenzie River Trail 3507 Area Topo Map