Larison Creek Trail 3646 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

FR101, Larison Creek CCW Loop

TH: Go north on FR21 2.3mi to FR2101, then climb 1.9mi to FR101.

4.2mi: Go left onto FR101 and continue for 8.3mi through ten creek ravines.

12.6mi: Cross a ridge and go left onto trail. Begin descent. The first mile is steep and can be overgrown with blackberry bushes in July and August, a reminder that sometimes 'biking is bleeding'.

13.7mi: Steep section ends with tapeworm switchbacks down to Larison Creek, followed by several miles of technical, rocks and roots riding.

16.9mi: End of technical riding, into a typical riverside trail.

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Larison Creek Trail 3646 Area Topo Map