Castle Rock Trail 3506 and King-Castle Trail 4326 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

King Castle to Castle Rock OAB

TH: Grind up 4mi of unrelenting switchbacks over a hard packed trail to Castle Rock. Watch for oncoming traffic. King-Castle Tr4326 merges with FR488 at 2.9mi, then crosses FR480 at the 3.6mi T intersection with FR488.

4.1mi: At the Castle Rock Tr3506 intersection, option to go straight and summit Castle Rock. It's a tough climb but worth the view. Otherwise make a very sharp left and descend Castle Rock Tr3506 to the O'Leary Tr3321 intersection. Cross FR480 at 4.5mi then cross Cougar Creek at 5.7mi.

7mi: Turn around at the O'Leary Tr3321 intersection and climb back to the top, then enjoy the steep King-Castle Tr4326 singletrack descent.

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Castle Rock Trail 3506, King-Castle Trail 4326 Area Topo Map