Mad River Orv Trail 1409.1 and Tyee Ridge Trail 1415 Trailhead Road Map

Some downhill riders willing to deal with the hassle of driving to Tyee Mountain on FR5700/FR5713 use that route to shuttle Billy Ridge Tr1413 or Mad River Tr1409.

Ding: Some of these connector trails are infrequently maintained, so be sure to ask the local ranger district about trail conditions.

Another option is to bring a small chainsaw and some good boots.

Due to high elevation, these trails are closed until mid-July, so be sure to check with the forest service for current conditions.

Mad River Tr1409 is the ascent for all loops, with a 4.3mi climb and 5% incline over an 1100' elevation gain.

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Mad River Orv Trail 1409.1, Tyee Ridge Trail 1415 Trailhead Road Map