Steliko Ridge Trail 1454 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From the FR5310 TH, ascend 600' over the first mile to reach the ridgeline, then ride alongside FR610 for another mile.

2.2mi: Cross FR5310 and ride .2mi on FR510, then bear left onto the trail. After riding through several saddles, climb to the next ridgeline at 2.9mi, cresting the top of a knoll at 3.5mi.

3.7mi: Cross FR5305 and bear right, with an unmarked doubletrack to the left. Ride alongside some Byrd Canyon cliff exposure then pass the doubletrack intersection at 4.5mi.

5.1mi: Turnaround at the ridgeline summit, or continue .7mi to FR5340, in a steep 460' descent.

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Steliko Ridge Trail 1454 Area Topo Map