Nason Ridge Trail 1583 and Round Mountain Trail 1529 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

The best ride option is to shuttle from FR6910 to Merritt Lake Tr1588, although this 10mi (3700' ascent) ride does include a 1.4mi, 1300' (17%) Round Mountain Tr1529 ascent from FR6910 to Nason Ridge Tr1583 which many riders would have to hike-a-bike.

The 4.5mi FR6910 ascends a climbable 1850', so the Nason Creek Rest Area could be used for a 22mi CCW loop, returning 6mi downhill on SR2 from Merritt Lake Tr1588.

The Merritt Lake Tr1588 TH would also be a good option for a 15mi (5900' ascent) shuttle ride from the Nason Creek campground.

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Nason Ridge Trail 1583, Round Mountain Trail 1529 Area Topo Map