Naneum Creek Tr1381

3D view of Naneum Rock Garden Trail #1381

Overall: 8

Aerobic: 6

Technical: 7

Steepness: 5

Flow: 8

Singletrack: 100%

Naneum Creek Tr1381, Howard Creek Tr1372 and connecting trails offer several great loop options across relatively moderate terrain.




Avg: 12mi



Elevation Change

Avg Ascent:2900'

Ascent Incline



Avg: 3hr





This page covers the trails north of FR3530. Table Mt: Naneum Wilson Tr1371 covers the southern section.

From the Haney Meadow Campground, Naneum Creek Tr1381 descends alongside Naneum Creek, through meadows and timber to the Naneum Meadows intersection with Naneum Rim Tr1234 and Grass Camp Tr1219, then passes the Naneum Wilson Tr1371 TH before crossing FR3530, passing the Colockum State Wildlife Area lake and ending at FR3330.

The Ken Wilcox Horse camp ensures a lot of equestrian use on these trails, with the trail damage associated with that use, so avoid wet weather rides and be sure to give the horses plenty of space. Stop beside the trail and let the equestrians pass and maybe chat a little, to avoid spooking the horses. Watch for blind corners or any other terrain which might result in a collision. This will upset the horse, who will dent you and your bike with their steel-toed hooves.


From the FR9712 TH, Howard Creek Tr1372 descends then crosses the headwaters of Howard Creek, ascends to a bench then crosses some clearcuts before reaching FR3530 and ending at Naneum Creek Tr1381.

The inner 7mi (1500' ascent) loop consists of Grass Camp Tr1219, which connects to Naneum Creek Tr1381 at the TH, with Howard Creek Tr1372 at the ends to reconnect to Naneum Creek Tr1381. This is usually ridden CW but CCW is ok as well.

Covered in the guide, the outer loop consists of riding Naneum Rim Tr1234 to Table Mt Tr1209 to Mount Lillian Tr1601 (or Old Ellensburg Tr1373 for a shorter ride) to Howard Creek Tr1372, returning on Naneum Creek Tr1381.

The outer loop should be ridden CW and could be further extended by using FR9712 to access Grouse Spring Tr1373.1, returning on FR3521 and Naneum Creek Tr1381.

The main east-west connector, Old Ellensburg Tr1373 crosses Naneum Creek, then crosses Haney Meadow and Howard Creek before ending at Grouse Spring Tr1371.1.

From the Haney Meadow Campground, Mount Lillian Tr1601 crosses Upper Naneum Meadow, then passes Mount Lillian as the trail winds along the ranger district boundary while travelling through old-growth lodgepole pine and passing sandstone outcrops, before ending at FR9712.

Grass Camp Tr1219 forms 3/4 of the inner loop, ascending alongside a small stream to a plateau. Passing through meadows, the trail circles around an experimental 1975 lodgepole forest burn, before passing the Grass Camp Tie Tr1291.1 intersection at 1.2mi. The trail then explores the edge of the plateau, with views of Glacier Peak, before descending to the Howard Creek Tr1372 TH.

Tronsen Ridge Trail 1204 southern TH is at the FR312 intersection with Mount Lillian Tr1601.

Directions: NW Forest Pass required right at the TH. Drive to the top of Sauk Pass (Blewett Pass / US97) and head east on FR9716 at the summit. Go 4mi and turn left onto FR9712, then go 1.5mi and turn right on FR35, then left on FR3530 to Naneum Meadows. Go 2.2mi to the Naneum Meadows TH. View Larger Map. No Map?.

Naneum Creek, Howard Creek, Grass Camp, Table Mountain, Mount Lillian, Tronsen Meadow, Old Ellensburg Trails Topo Map

Loop Directions

rocks in season

Naneum Creek Area Topo Map

  • TH: From the FR3530 TH, cross the West Fork Naneum Creek on Naneum Wilson Tr1371 to Naneum Creek Tr1381 and go left. Ride around Naneum Meadow to Naneum Creek.
  • .7mi: Go left onto Naneum Rim Tr1234, cross Naneum Creek and climb the sloping ridgeline, passing the Elk Trap Springs Tr1319 intersection at 1.1mi.
  • 1.9mi: Go left onto FR9712, then go right onto Table Mountain Tr1209. Ride around a knoll, passing through large patches of lodgepole pine and several small meadows, then descend to the Elk Trap Springs Tr1319 intersection at 2.9mi. Climb out of the saddle then ride past a steep access trail to the Ken Wilcox Horse Camp intersection at 3.9mi. Descend to the FR9712 intersection.
  • 4mi: At FR9712, go onto Mount Lillian Tr1601. Pass the Old Ellensburg Tr1373/Tronsen Meadow Tr1205 intersection, then cross FR312 at 4.3mi and at 5mi, continuing the ascent to the Mount Lillian ride summit at 5.8mi.
  • 6.5mi: After a steep, rooty descent from Mount Lillian, go left onto FR9712 then go right onto Howard Creek Tr1372. After a brief descent, climb a knoll at 7.1mi then drop into the Howard Creek drainage for a fast descent to Old Ellensburg Tr1373.
  • 8mi: Pass the Old Ellensburg Tr1373 intersection on the right, followed by the next Old Ellensburg Tr1373 intersection on the left. Traverse the hillside, then cross FR210 at 9.3mi, while paralleling FR3530.
  • 10.4mi: After several stream crossings, cross FR3530, then pass the Grass Camp Tr1219 intersection at 10.7mi.
  • 11.4mi: Go straight onto Naneum Creek Tr1381 at the fork intersection, then go left onto Naneum Wilson Tr1371 at the 12mi intersection, back to the TH.



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Elk Trap Springs Trail 1319, Grass Camp Tie Trail 1219.1, Grass Camp Trail 1219, Grouse Spring Trail 1373.1, Howard Creek Trail 1372, Howard Creek Tie Trail 1373.2, Mount Lillian Trail 1601, Naneum Creek Trail 1381, Naneum Rim Trail 1234, Old Ellensburg Trail 1373, Table Mountain Trail 1209


Upper Naneum Trail 4W312


Ken Wilcox Horse Camp, Lion Rock Spring Campground, Tronsen Campground


Trail Rankings

Ranking consistently applied to all of the listed trails.

  • Overall Rating: Ride quality and challenge
  • Aerobic: Ascent challenge
  • Technical Difficulty: Terrain challenge
  • Steepness: Average incline
  • Flow: Uninterrupted riding
  • Elevation Change: Total elevation gain
  • Ride Difficulty: Terrain challenge






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