Bean Creek Trail 1391.1, Stafford Creek Tr1359 and Standup Creek Trail 1369 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: Park along FR112 and descend to FR9703.

2.8mi: Go left on Stafford Creek Tr1359 and ascend the increasingly intense terrain to the Stafford Creek headwaters.

6.3mi: After a few switchbacks and a traverse, go left onto Standup Creek Tr1369. Cross Stafford Creek at 6.5mi, then ascend/hike-a-bike to the Earl Peak ridgeline saddle at 7.8mi. It's all downhill from here..

8.2mi: After a steep, switchback descent, including some hike-a-bike, pass the Bean Creek Tr1391.1 intersection on the right, then criss-cross Standup Creek and descend to a ridgeline.

8.9mi: The trail drops off the ridgeline in a .5mi switchbacking slide, before plunging across the creek. The descent then moderates and the trail crosses Standup Creek several more times before reaching the TH.

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Bean Creek Trail 1391.1,Stafford Creek Tr1359, Standup Creek Trail 1369 Area Topo Map