Freund Canyon Trail 6701 and Leavenworth Ski Trails Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From the Friendly Creek Tree Farm gate, pass the return intersection at .4mi then ascend to the sharp, looping curve to the left at the 1.6mi log-staging area and climb the singletrack to the sloping ridgeline.

2.6mi: After reaching the lower end of the sloping ridgeline, pass a singletrack intersection on the left, an alternate downhill route. Complete the ascent then traverse the Tumwater Mountain hillside.

4.6mi: At the ride summit, pass the intersection for the previously mentioned ridgeline downhill, then cross one of the Freund Creek tributaries and begin the descent.

5mi: Pass the FR7701 intersection and continue the downhill, with many whooping berms along the way and a few sharp dips to navigate as well.

6.9mi: Turn sharply to the left as the trail drops off the sloping ridgeline and crosses the Freund Creek tributary then parallels the creek back to the TH.

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Freund Canyon Trail 6701, Leavenworth Ski Trails Area Topo Map