West Quartz Creek Loop Trail 952 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From FR1234, ride past the Crow Creek campground at .5mi on Sand Creek Tr963, then go left onto West Quartz Cr Loop Tr952 at 1.2mi.

2.2mi: At the FR1922 West Quartz Cr Loop Tr952 T intersection go left and continue the ascent to Fifes Ridge, crossing FR1920 at 3mi.

3.6mi: Cross FR824 then pass the Indian Flat Tr955 intersection on the left. Fifes ridge is sloped so the entire ridgeline ride is a moderate climb..

6.1mi: Cross a flat section and FR823, as the trail parallels FR1920.

8.1mi: At the Fifes Ridge Tr954 T intersection, go right to continue on West Quartz Cr Loop Tr952. Option: 2.5mi Fifes Ridge Tr954 OAB.

9.2mi: Cross FR829 then jog left on FR1920 to regain the trail. The descent winds past several knolls alongside West Quartz Creek, crossing FR848 at 10.6mi and FR840 at 11.4mi, with a few brief climbs along the way.

13.5mi: Cross FR1922 at the loop intersection and head back to the TH.

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West Quartz Creek Loop Trail 952 Area Topo Map