Tokul and Griffin Creek Trails Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From the 356th Dr SE TH, pass the Alan's Ravine intersection at .2mi and continue on Snoqualmie River Trail to the singletrack on the left at .7mi, then ascend to the doubletrack and climb to Rd 30143.

2.3mi: Go right on 30143 Rd, go right onto Rd 30100 then ride Safety First Tr at 2.7mi. At 3.1mi, either ride Gun Range Tr or the loop trail to the right, then return to Rd 30100.

4.1mi: Go left onto Tether Ball Tr, followed by Flowtron Tr. Maybe loop around this group of trails, using the doubletrack to get back to Rd 30143 (upper trailhead).

8.5mi: After some looping around this section of trails, ascend to Rd 30143 then go left to Alan's Ravine and descend to the TH.

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