Galbraith Mountain Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: 911, Bob's, Brick Stick, Cedar Dust, Connector, Dans, Electric Avenue, Evolution, Flying Squirrel, Jaws, Kaiser, Kung Fu, Luge, Meth Lab, Mullet, Naughty Nellie, Scorpion, Not Shawn's, SST, Sht, Three Little Pigs, Timing, Tower, Wonderland, Whoopsie Woodle Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: Ascend Galbraith Lane .6mi then go right onto singletrack which leads to Meth Lab. Ascend to RD2020, then dog leg left to Not Shawns and ascend to Mullet, crossing a spur road at 1.8mi.

2mi: Go left on Kaiser, then go right onto Naughty Nelly at 2.6mi and climb to the 4.6mi RD4100 Wonderland intersection and ride to the towers.

5.1mi: At the tower ride summit, descend RD3000 to Whoopsie Woodle, then descend to the RD2300 intersection.

7.4mi: Go right onto RD2300 and ride to Brick Stick at 7.9mi and go left, descending to RD2100 then RD2000 back to the TH.

Options: This is the general route but there are many, many little trails within the section covered by this loop, depending on ones desire to get airborne.

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Galbraith Mountain Trails: 911 Trail, Bob's Trail, Brick Stick Trail, Cedar Dust Trail, Connector Trail, Dans Trail, Electric Avenue Trail, Evolution Trail, Flying Squirrel Trail, Jaws Trail, Kaiser Trail, Kung Fu Trail, Luge Trail, Meth Lab Trail, Mullet Trail, Naughty Nellie Trail, Scorpion Trail, Not Shawn's Trail, SST Trail, Sht Trail, Three Little Pigs Trail, Timing Trail, Tower Trail, Wonderland Trail, Whoopsie Woodle Trail Area Topo Map