North Umpqua River Trail 1414: Swiftwater to Maidu Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map shows all segments: Swiftwater, Tioga, Mott, Panther, Calf, Marsters, Jessie Wright, Deer Leap, Dread and Terror, Lemelo, and Maidu.

The trailhead locations are often defined by access points.

The Maidu section is in the Mount Thielsen wildernesss area and so off limits to biking.

Beginning near Glide, Oregon, the path parallels the North Umpqua River eastward for most of its 79 miles, leading high into the Cascade Mountain Range near Maidu Lake and connects with the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

The higher elevations of the trail are snowed in during winter months, while the lower segments are open most of the year.

Several spur trails lead to waterfalls, fishing holes, camp sites, and outdoor classrooms, where plants and wildlife can be observed in a natural setting.

First envisioned in the early 1970s, construction of the North Umpqua Trail started in 1978 and completed in 1996.

Mosquitoes are ferocious in this area until August. Feel free to try the natural repellents, and avoid drinking carbonated drinks prior to riding, but Deet 100 may be the only protection from 'the swarm'. Expect some trailside poison oak and prepare as needed. Try using Tecnu before the ride.

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North Umpqua River Trail 1414: Swiftwater to Maidu Area Topo Map