North Umpqua Trail 1414: Dread and Terror Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From the south end of the Toketee Lake campground, cross the bridge then go left on North Umpqua Tr1414. The trail splits at .5mi, then merges with FR100 at 1.2mi. Go right onto FR100 and ride to FR3401.

1.7mi: Go left on FR3401, cross the bridge, then go right onto the trail. From FR3401, Tr1414 splits, then eventually merges into a single trail. Cross Deer Cr. at 2.8mi.

3.4mi: Pass Tr1444 on the left then briefly merge with FR3401 at Umpqua Hot Springs trailhead parking area. Pass Surprise Falls and cross Loafer Cr. at 4.1mi.

9.1mi: Brief intense climb near Bergman Bluff. Pass the Lemolo Power Plant #1 at 12.1mi.

13.4mi: As the ascent intensifies, cross North Umpqua and begin the 1mi steep ascent/hike-a-bike to Lemolo Falls. Pass FR673 on the left at 14.7mi.

15.7mi: Turnaround at the White Mule FR2610 trailhead, or continue on to Lemolo Lake prior to returning to the TH.

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North Umpqua Trail 1414: Dread and Terror Area Topo Map