Kloshe Nanitch Trail 882.1 and Mount Muller Trail 882 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: From the FR3071 TH, cross Littleton Creek and continue to ascend or hike-a-bike through the switchbacks to Jim's Junction. Go left (of the visitors register) and uphill out of the parking area.

3.1mi: At Jim's junction, either go OAB on Kloshe Nanitch Tr882.1 or continue on to Mount Muller Summit, passing through Millsap, Jasmine, Allison and Markham Meadows.

5.3mi: Pass the Mount Muller ride summit, followed by a 1.5mi switchback descent towards Cahill Overlook, passing Molly's Meadow and Panorama Point.

8.6mi: The steep switchbacks begin at the 7.3mi Cahill Overlook, descending steeply to a private drive roadcrossing at 9.9mi. Pass the cave-like rock formation called Fouts Rock House at 8.5mi.

10mi: Cross Hutch Creek then return to the TH, paralleling U.S. 101.

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Kloshe Nanitch Trail 882.1, Mount Muller Trail 882 Area Topo Map