Gold Creek Trail 830 and Lower Dungeness Trail 833 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Gold Creek Trail 830, Little Quilcene Trail 835, Lower Dungeness Trail 833, Mount Townsend Trail 839, Mount Zion Trail 836, Silver Creek Way Trail, Tubal Cain Trail 840.

TH: From the Gold Creek Tr830 TH, ascend 1mi to Lower Dungeness Tr833 TH, with the option at .5mi of ascending the spur trail to Lower Dungeness Tr833.

1mi: Go left onto Lower Dungeness Tr833. Cross Skookum Creek and Cougar Creek, pass the Three O'Clock Ridge Trail FR2860 connector at 2.7mi, followed by a descent to Dungeness Creek. The ascent includes some cliff exposure and steep ascents, which may result in some hike-a-bike for intermediate riders. Cross Bungalow Creek and several smaller creeks prior to reaching Dungeness Creek. Pass the River Shelter at 4.4mi, then gradually ascend to FR2860.

6mi: Cross Mueller Creek, pass the Upper Dungeness (hiking) Tr833 intersection, then go left onto FR2860. After a brief descent, gradually climb alongside Silver Creek to Gold Creek Tr830. The TH is on the left, just prior to the Tubal Cain Tr840 TH (on the right).

9.7mi: Go left onto Gold Creek Tr830, crossing a creek and some flat terrain before a brief climb to the ride summit at 10.9mi. At 12.3mi, the Dirty Face Ridge descent gets much more serious, with a steep descent to Gold Creek. Go left at the 13.3mi fork, navigate some switchbacks to a creek crossing, then rip through the final plunge to Gold Creek at 15mi.

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