Lolo Pass PCT Wilderness Hiking Topo Map

Mount Hood Wilderness Hiking Trails: Mazama Trail 625, McGee Creek Trail 627, Pacific Crest Trail 2000-G, Ramona Falls Trail 797, Sandy River Trail 770, Timberline Trail 600, Yocum Ridge Trail 771, Vista Ridge Trail 626

The large Area Maps on the following pages cover most of this trail system Tilly Jane Trail 643, East Fork Trail 650, Sahalie Falls Trail 667C, Timberline Glade Trail 661.

Hidden Lake Tr779 ascends to a small wooded lake through rhododendron bushes, with a challenging 12mi loop created by combining Hidden Lake Tr779 with the Pacific Crest Tr2000 for 2.4mi, then returning 5.6mi on Paradise Park Tr778.

The Riley Horse Camp is the trailhead for the Cast Creek, Horseshoe Ridge and Sandy River trails.

Zigzag Mountain Tr775 is the primary east-west connector from FR18 to Pacific Crest Tr2000, with two abandoned lookout site alongside the trail.

Paradise Park Tr778 is a steady ascent along a forested ridge above the north side of the Zigzag River, eventually accessing Pacific Crest Tr2000 and the Paradise Park alpine meadow with views of Mount Hood.

Yocum Ridge Tr771 ascends to one of the most pristine, fragile and accessible alpine meadows in the Mount Hood Wilderness. Hike 4mi from the Ramona Falls Trailhead to the western Yocum Ridge Tr771 terminus.

Vista Ridge Tr626 is one of the shorter routes to Timerline Tr600 and can be combined with the Eden Park loop. Popular destinations from the Timerline Tr600 intersection include Elk Cove, Barrett Spur, Eden Park, Cairn Basin and Wy'east Basin

The very popular Ramona Falls Tr797 is accessed from Sandy River Tr770 and leads to a very popular falls area, with views of volcanic debris along the way. The Sandy river has a footbridge from Spring to Fall.

Horseshoe Ridge Tr774 western trailhead is 500 feet before the entrance into Riley Campground and starts with the 'Old Maid Flat' area, prior to crossing Lost Creek. The trail enters alpine forest and can be looped with Cast Creek Tr773.

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Mount Hood Lolo Pass Pacific Crest Trail Wilderness Hiking Topo Map