Surveyors Ridge Trail 688 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Dog River Trail 675, Oak Ridge Trail 688A, Surveyors Ridge Trail 688, Zig Zag Trail 678 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

Surveyors Ridge (FR44 TH) OAB

Ride starts with singletrack alongside FR44, to the second creek crossing, a fast, relatively flat section with a few waterbar jumps along the way.

1.6mi: At Cooks Meadow, go left across the small (unbridged) creek, then go for 2.3mi on dual track down to an FR17 connector road, where the singletrack starts for real.

3.8mi: At the end of the doubletrack descent, go left at the trailhead sign, then ride through some fast, winding singletrack.

4.6mi: After a little section of fast, winding singletrack, go around a scree field then cross FR680. After passing several view points, with some short ascents, pass Shellrock Mountain at 6.8mi.

8.4mi: After a short but steep ascent, descend to a FR17 intersection, just south of Gibson Prairie Horse Camp. This is followed by another steep ascent, to FR671.

9mi: FR671 is a good turnaround point, as the descent intensifies, as the ridgeline drops off to the FR17 TH.

9.8mi: Descend to Yellowjacket Creek, followed by a short climb to a view point. This is followed by a steep descent to the Oak Rdg Tr688A upper TH

11.3mi: From the Oak Rdg Tr688A upper TH the trail continues to drop off sharply to FR630 and the power lines.

12.2mi: The trail turns to doubletrack just past the power lines, for 2.1mi, passing Bald Butte at 13mi.

14.4mi: Doubletrack ends at the FR intersection, followed by a switchback descent to the FR17 TH.

Dog River Surveyors Epic

This is a 24.5mi (5200' ascent) CCW loop, consisting of Dog Rvr Tr675 to Surveyors Rdg Tr688, ending with a wild bombing run on Oak Rdg Tr688A.

TH: From the Oak Rdg Tr688A TH, go to SR35 then climb 500' on SR35S to the Dog Rvr Tr675 TH.

3.7mi: Climb 6.6mi (2500' ascent) on Dog River Tr675 to FR620, then go 2.6mi further to the Surveyors Ridge Tr688 TH.

10.9mi: Ride Surveyors Rdg Tr688 to the 1850' Oak Rdg Tr688A descent back to the TH.

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Dog River Trail 675, Oak Ridge Trail 688A, Surveyors Ridge Trail 688, Zig Zag Trail 678 Area Topo Map