Sandy Ridge Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Hide and Seek, Quid Pro Flow, Three Thirty Eight, Laura's Loop and Rock Drop Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

Sandy Ridge CCW Loop

TH: Park in the parking lot, by the Homestead Road gate or along the road. Ascend FR14 (Homestead Rd) 3.3mi to just beyond the wooden information booth. The trail at the information booth is the start of Hide and Seek. Go up the road a few dozen feet then go left onto the next trail, which is the start of Three Thirty Eight Trail.

3.6mi: Go right onto Quid Pro Flow and traverse the minor butte, crossing an abandoned road at 4.6mi.

5.3mi: Go right onto Three Thirty Eight and moderately ascend to a knoll, then descend to the Hide and Seek intersection.

6.2mi: Bear right onto Hide and Seek at the signed, 4-way intersection. The descent is technical, with rock and root providing challenges along the way to the bridge. Cross the bridge at 7.7mi, then pass the FR14 intersection, after which the trail opens up into curvy, reinforced bank cruise to the lower intersection with Laura's Loop at FR14. Watch the speed or expect to go airborne from the sometimes gravelly curves.

9.1mi: Cross FR14 and complete the descent to the TH on Laura's Loop. Watch for other riders on this beginner loop.

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Sandy Ridge: Hide and Seek, Quid Pro Flow, Three Thirty Eight, Laura's Loop, Rock Drop Area Topo Map