Oak Ridge Trail 688A, Surveyors Ridge Trail 688 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Surveyors Ridge, Oak Ridge CW Loop

TH: From the Oak Ridge TH, go .9mi to SR35 then go right and ride 4.3mi to FR17.

5.2mi: Go right onto FR17 (Pine Mont Dr) and climb 1.8mi to the Surveyors Ridge Tr688 TH.

7mi: Climb singletrack then doubletrack to Bald Butte, passing an FR connector to FR17 at 8.5mi.

9.9mi: Reach the Bald Butte summit, descend to the power lines and cross FR630 at 10.7mi, then climb to the upper Oak Ridge Tr688A TH.

11.6mi: Cross FR640 then go right onto Oak Ridge Tr688A for the 2.2mi bombing run. Watch for loose surfaces and big rocks, over the unrelenting, switchback downhill.

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Oak Ridge Trail 688A, Surveyors Ridge Trail 688 Area Topo Map