Gumjuwac Trail 480, Gunsight Trail 485 and Pocket Creek Trail 684 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Gunsight to Gumjuwac CCW Loop

TH: Climb SR35S for 1.25mi, then ascend FR3540 (to 3.6mi then go left onto FR640) to Pocket Creek Tr684. Or climb SR35 for 4.6 miles to the Bennett Pass Sno-Park, then climb FR3550. FR3550 has several forks: Bear left, bear right, bear left and continue up the ridgeline.

Just prior to FR4891, go left onto Gunsight Tr485.

Trail parallels and briefly follows FR3550, then continues on for another 1.5mi to Gumjuwac Tr480.

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Gumjuwac Trail 480, Gunsight Trail 485, Pocket Creek Trail 684 Area Topo Map