Silver Star Trail 180, Tarbell Trail Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Chinook Trail 180B, Ed's Trail 180A, Indian Pit Trail 180E, Pyramid Rock Trail 180F, Silver Star Trail 180, Silver Star Summit Trail 180D, Sturgeon Rock Trail 180C and Tarbell Trail Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails

TH: Start this CW Loop by climbing 2mi to Squaw and Kloochman Butte, then descend to the Coyote Creek Falls. The climb includes crossing three gravel roads.

4.9mi: Cross the creek and begin 1000' switchback climb to Sturgeon Rock summit. Bail out point: In the first switchback, there is a jeep trail which leads to L1210.

7mi: At the Sturgeon Rock summit, pass the Sturgeon Rock Tr180C intersection, then begin 500' descent to Rock Creek Falls. Cross Rock Creek and continue on to the Grouse Creek Vista TH. Bail out point: At the Sturgeon Rock summit, there is a jeep trail which leads to L1210.

9.9mi: At the Grouse Creek Vista TH, cross SR1200 and begin the 2.2mi, 1000' ascent of Larch Mountain.

12.2mi: From Larch Mt, begin the descent with a technical boulder and talus section, including some slick trail moss. Then descend alongside Cold Creek, crossing several wooden bridges before reaching L1000.

16.7mi: Merge with L1000 for .3mi, then take a right. Ride to Rock Creek Campground TH.

18mi: Go through campground to the Tarbell trail at the northeast side of the campground.

19.4mi: The first of two gravel road crossings. If you need to bail out of this section of trail due to trail damage, go right to L1210 and then go left/north 1.6mi to the Tarbell TH.

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