Syncline Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Coyote Canyons, Coyote Meadows, Crybaby, Hidden Valley, Jeep Trail, Little Maui, Motion Sickness, Rattlesnake Ridge, The Wizard and The Gauntlet Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: Climb 1300' on the Jeep trail, starting on the grassy hillside Maui trail and passing some small waterfalls before joining with the Jeep trail. Jeep trail becomes double track at 2.6mi.

2.9mi: Go left to Wizard, or right to Hidden Valley. .7mi trail to Wizard merges with then crosses doubletrack along the way.

3.6mi: Climb Wizard up to the doubletrack, then go left as Crybaby trail parallels doubletrack, at the edge of the cliff..

5.0mi: Crybaby turns into Rattlesnake Ridge, then briefly follows Courtney road before crossing the road and continuing to Coyote Meadows.

6.0mi: Trail makes a sharp left turn onto Coyote Meadows and descends to Gauntlet

8.3mi: Descent increases through Gauntlets technical rock garden switchbacks.

9.2mi: Navigate the Coyote Canyon rock garden switchbacks then return to TH.

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