Purcell Lookout Trail 285, Purcell Mountain Trail 284 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Purcell Mountain: Purcell Lookout Tr285 is open to biking but ascends 2650' in 2.9mi (17% ascent) at a steady pace through endless switchbacks, so is essentially unclimbable.

Hiking trail Purcell Mountain Tr284 is a ridgeline ascent, with a steady climb to Prairie Mountain, then a ridgeline hike past Little Paradise saddle to the Purcell Mountain summit.

Woods Creek Hiking: Woods Creek Watchable Wildlife Tr247 along with Old Growth Loop Tr247A offers a family-friendly hiking option, looping through five habitat areas, offering hikers an opportunity to learn about wildlife habitats needed by different species. The trail passes through a mixed hardwood conifer forest, breaks into an open meadow and circumnavigates a beaver pond. Environmental Education Lab Packs can be borrowed from the Randle Ranger Station.

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Purcell Lookout Trail 285, Purcell Mountain Trail 284 Area Topo Map