Buck Creek Trail Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: Start with a steep 1mi ascent, then cross the road twice and cross several streams before the main ascent begins.

2.3mi: Begin the 2.2mi (15% grade) Nestor Pk ascent, then ease into an undulating climb for the rest of the way to Monte Carlo Mt.

5.7mi: Cross N1000 then cross and briefly merge with several fire roads before reaching FR050.

8.5mi: Go right onto FR050, and go .6mi to the intersection with B1000 and N1000, then go north onto Monte Carlo Tr52.

10.4mi: Go right at T intersection with Monte Carlo Tr52 and ride to the Monte Carlo summit, passing the upper Buck Cr TH and Middle Fork CG along the way.

12.9mi: Complete brief, steep switchback climb to the Monte Carlo summit, then go right onto Buck Creek Trail.

13.8mi: Go right onto doubletrack and rapidly descend to hairpin curve at mile 15, then continue steep descent on singletrack.

16.4mi: Cross fire road at Mcllroy Saddle, then begin steep switchback descent through several drainages, down to B1000.

18.8mi: Go right (uphill) on B1000 to rejoin the trail, near the pullout, then ride alongside Buck Creek before trail pulls away from the road and returns to the TH.

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Buck Creek Trail Area Topo Map