Bluff Mt Trail 172 and Starway Trail 175 Area Hiking Topo Map

TH: Ascend 5mi (2100') on FR4100, to the Bluff Mt Tr172 TH, an easy climb but would also make a good shuttle option.

4.9mi: Go right onto Bluff Mt Tr172 and hike 1.5mi along the ridge to Howie Point, then work the undulating ridgeline past Bluff Mountain and Little Baldy, to the Starway Tr175 TH.

View of Bluff Mountain hillside exposure

9.9mi: Go right on Starway Tr175, continuing the ridgeline ride, followed by a steep 1.5mi switchback descent to an abandoned forest road.

12.8mi: Go left on the forest road, to the FR4100 TH.

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Bluff Mt Trail 172, Starway Trail 175 Area Topo Map