Swampy Lakes Snopark Area Topo Map

Map includes Knotweed Trail 30.1, Lower Loop Trail 40.1, Lupine Trail 34, Manzanita Trail 36, Meissner Snowshoe Trail 91, Nordeen Loop Trail 31, Paintbrush Trail 38, Penstemon Trail 33, Swampy Snowshoe Trail 92, Tangent Loop Trail 30, Shooting Star Trail 39, Snowbush Trail 37, Wednesdays Trail 32 and Wild Strawberry Trail 32.5 XC Ski Trails.

The Swampy Lakes and other nearby Snoparks are at the minimum elevation needed for nordic sports, providing a long winter season of snowshoeing and XC Ski activities.

Swampy Lakes Loop Tr23 is a very popular loop, sometimes combined with Swede Ridge Trail 52, with both covering moderate terrain. Tangent Loop Trail 30 and Nordeen Loop Trail 31 also have a moderate elevation profile, with Wednesdays Trail 32 and the Meissner Snowshoe Trail 91 covering a more varied terrain.

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Vista Butte Snopark, Swampy Snopark and Virginia Meissner Snopark XC Ski and Nordic Trails Area Topo Map