Millican Crater Trail 4066, Pacific Crest Trail 2000-E and Scott Pass Trail 4068 Area Hiking Topo Map

Map includes Lava Camp Lake Trail 4060, Millican Crater Trail 4066, North Matthieu Lake Trail 4062, Pacific Crest Trail 2000-E, Scott Pass Trail 4068, Trout Creek Tie Trail 4067 Hiking Trails.

This map covers the northern section of the Three Sisters Wilderness area, at the border with the Mount Washington Wilderness area.

Several trailheads provide relatively easy access to a day hike loop. A CW loop would consist of Millican Crater Trail 4066, Trout Creek Tie Trail 4067, Scott Pass Trail 4068, North Matthieu Lake Trail 4062 or Pacific Crest Trail 2000-E, returning on Lava Camp Lake Trail 4060.

Nearby Lava Camp Lake provides access to the south side of Black Crater, with hiking to Scott Pass and Matthieu Lake.

Cross District Trail 4082 can be used to complete a shuttle hike, providing access to the east side of Black Crater.

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Millican Crater, Scott Pass Area Trails Area Topo Map