Peterson Ridge: Sisters Mountain Bike Trail 4090 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: Bear to the left at the fork. Pass intersections #6 at.9mi; #8 at 1.1mi and #14 at 1.8mi, over relatively flat terrain, crossing several doubletracks and drainage ditches. Cross FR4606 at 2.7mi.

3mi: From the #16 (3mi) intersection, ascend a butte, passing #18 intersection at 3.6mi and cresting the butte at 4mi. Descend and cross a doubletrack, then ascend (crossing two additional doubletracks) to #20 intersection at 4.7mi, just prior to the Plainview ditch crossing.

4.8mi: Climbing steadily, cross two doubletracks before reaching the #22 intersection at 6mi, then cross two doubletracks before reaching the #26 intersection at 7.5mi. Cross FR665 at 8.7mi and reach the ride summit at the #33 intersection (9mi).

9.7mi: After a short but sharp descent, the Peak View point marks the mid-ride point. Climb alongside some doubletrack to the next summit at 10.1mi then descend to the #25 intersection at 11.3mi.

11.9mi: Pass the #29 intersection then cross FR1608 at a 4-way doubletrack intersection. Stay on the singletrack and reach the Peterson Ridge Viewpoint, just past the #21 intersection at 12.1mi. Cross the Plainview ditch then pass the #19 intersection at 12.8mi. Cross FR900 at 13.1mi as the trail levels off somewhat, then resume the descent, passing the #17 intersection at 14mi, then reaching the Squaw Creek #15 intersection just prior to the 'big' bridge (14.8mi).

15.6mi: Pass the Eagle Rock intersection (maybe climb to the other side or loop around), cross FR4606, then pass the #11 intersection. Back to the flat portion of the ride, pass the #7 intersection at 16mi and the #5 intersection at 16.5mi, on the way back to the TH.

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Peterson Ridge, Sisters Mountain Bike Trail 4090 Area Topo Map