Suntop Trail 1183 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Mount Rainier National Park Hiking: Huckleberry Creek Trail is nearest to the Suntop Tr1183 TH, accessed by continuing south on FR7300 to FR7340. Northern section maps are on the Christoff Tr1171, Crystal Mt Tr1163 and Skookum Flats Tr1194 pages.

For much more information, check out the Mount Rainier National Park Trail guide, which includes descriptions of all trails and a variety of maps.

Map includes Doe Falls Trail 1174, Skookum Flats Trail 1194, Suntop Trail 1183 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: Ride FR7300 .95mi from the Skookum Flats TH to FR7315 and climb 5.7mi to the intersection with Suntop Tr1183, at a sharp bend in the road. Go left onto the trail, or climb .8mi to the summit and start the trail from there (mile marks assume a ride to Suntop summit).

8.6mi: Reach the ride summit, after a steep 1.6mi climb since leaving FR7315. The trail then traverses some cliff exposure before reentering old growth forest.

10.6mi: Cross Buck Creek, which is more of a stream since this is near the headwaters. The switchback descent from this point is broken up by occasional shifts in terrain.

11.7mi: First of three FR7160 crossings. At 11.9mi, bear left at the fork in the trail.

12.2mi: Doe Falls Tr1174 intersection, followed by a double crossing of FR7610, near a sharp bend in that road. The trail then leaves the ridge and steeply switchbacks to the valley floor. At 13.3mi, the trail runs alongside a jeep trail then crosses it, before reaching Doe Creek at 13.7mi (go right at the fork).

14.5mi: After crossing a jeep trail and going left at the fork, cross the stream and reach the Ranger Creek landing strip road. Go right to the Skookum Flats Tr1194 intersection at 14.6mi, then go left on Skookum Flats Tr1194 and ride it to FR7160.

15.7mi: Cross FR7160, go left then right at the first two forks, then cross Doe Creek at 15.9mi. At 16.9, cross the wooden bridge at Buck Creek, then reach the Buck Cr Tr1169 intersection, bearing left to stay on Skookum Flats Tr1194 and ride back to TH.

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Doe Falls Trail 1174, Skookum Flats Trail 1194, Suntop Trail 1183 Area Topo Map