Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail 1003 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Alpine Lakes Wilderness Hiking: The Area Topo Map shows the Garfield Mountain hiking trails, easily accessible from FR56.

From FR56, Rock Creek Tr1013.1 crosses Middle Fork Snoqualmie Tr1003 at the 8mi mark, then switchbacks through the steep, rocky Rock Creek drainage to Snow Lake, at the intersection with High Lakes Tr1012 and Snow Lake Tr1013. There is enough cliff exposure and otherwise challenging terrain to make this a technical hike.

Many hikers ascend Snow Lake Tr1013, continuing on High Lakes Tr1012 to Gem Lake, so expect a lot of day hikers on that route. When approached from I-90, at the top of the ridge above Snow Lake there is a large rock outcropping which is a popular destination for day hikers. High Lakes Tr1012 gets less use between Gem and Wildcat lake, so an extended hike offers more solitude.

Beyond FR56, Dutch Miller Gap Tr1030 ascends to the 'Dutch Miller Gap' saddle at the forest boundary with Wenatchee NF, then becomes Dutch Miller Gap Tr1362 and continues to the PCT. The trail offers a spectacular view of the Bears Breast Mountain and Summit Chief Peak, with Williams Lake Tr1030.1 and Lake Ivanhoe spurs.

Dingford Creek Tr1005 ascends alongside the creek to Myrtle Lake, with a Hester Lake Tr1005.1 spur leading to that lake, on a bench near the Mount Price peak. Hester lake has several campsites.

The rough FR5630 doubletrack leads to Snoqualmie Lake Tr1002, passing the unmaintained Honey Lake Tr1263 and Marten Lake Tr1006 spurs along the way. Snoqualmie Lake Tr1002 passes Deer and Bear lakes before turning into Dorothy Lake Tr1072, with a Nordrum Lake Tr1004 spur. Snoqualmie Lake and Dorothy Lake are two of the largest lakes in the area, with ample fishing and camp sites. Marten Lake Tr1006 is often overgrown with brush and mostly used for lake fishing.

Map includes: CCC Trail 1264, Dingford Creek Trail 1005, Dorothy Lake Trail 1072, High Lakes Trail 1012 and Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail 1003 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

TH: Cross the suspension bridge and dodge pedestrians for the first 3mi, over a trail surface which is more gravel than singletrack.

3mi: Cross small, bridged streams, near the river.

5.6mi: Bailout near Dingford Creek which crosses Middle Fork Snoqualmie River to access FR56. Rock Creek bailout at 8mi, then cross Thunder Creek at 9mi.

10.6mi: Pass Goldmyer Hot Springs, then reach another FR56 bailout.

13.8mi: End of trail, unless continuing on Dutch Miller Gap Tr1030 to the wilderness boundary.

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