Bone Lake Trail 1172.1, Christoff Trail 1171, Divide Trail 1172, Grass Mountain Trail 1170 Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

TH: Go left from the FR7012 intersection, with a .4mi, 25% climb, just to warm things up some.

1.6mi: Over a 1mi section, the trail drops 500' off the ridgeline then regains most of the elevation.

4mi: Bone Lake Tr1172.1 detour, which loops around the other side of the lake, then climbs 300' to rejoin Divide Tr1172 at the 4.8mi mark.

5.4mi: Christoff Tr1171 intersection, for those doing a shuttle ride (or some crazy road climb exercise, but that would be road biking not mtn biking). Continue on Grass Mt Tr1170.

6.2mi: Mule Springs. Continue on as far as the trail can be found, then turn around and head back to the TH.

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Christoff, Divide, Grass Mountain Trails Area Topo Map