Canyon Ridge Trail 689 and Damfino Lakes Trail 625 Area Mountain Biking and Hiking Topo Map

Map includes: Canyon Ridge Trail 689, Damfino Lakes Trail 625, High Divide Trail 630, Point 5658 Boundary Way Trail 688 Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails.

route guide

TH: Ascend Damfino Lakes Tr625 at the clearcut, towards Damfino Lakes, with a steep ascent through mature forest.

.6mi: Go left onto Point 5658 (Boundary Way) Tr688.

1mi: Go left onto Canyon Ridge Tr689 as the ascent levels off into a rugged ridgeline ride. Climb steadily to the first of several ride summits, at 2.7mi, descend, then climb to the next peak at 3.8mi.

5mi: The trail appears to end in a small meadow. Go to the right following surveyor's tape and rock cairns.

5.2mi: At the ride summit, go through the meadow, following surveyor's tape and rock cairns. The ridgeline beyond this point is less defined, resulting in a steep descent to FR3140.

7.1mi: Continuing from this point adds 1000' of climbing and this area was heavily logged a few years ago and so may still not be rideable.

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Canyon Ridge, Damfino Lakes, Boundary Way, High Divide, Church Mountain Trails Area Topo Map